Monday, September 6, 2010

Guns and Roses - info -

(but with dark hair)

Ruby Rose Webber is 24 years old and is a certified Medical Examiner (Pathologist). She is what you would call a genius, knew French at the age of 4, has a medical and law degree, knows how to play three instruments and also knows Spanish, Italian and Japanese. She was born in London to John and Mary Webber, who died when she was 5 years old in a car accident, and was then brought up by her uncle Andrew Lloyd Webber, a famous composer. She is innocent and doesn’t mix with people but she has her fun and wild side. She proves the saying ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’ to a T.

Billy Darley is a gang lord, drug dealer and the guy you don’t mess with. Boston is his city, even though Ruby doesn’t know it and still messes with him. He is a cold blooded killer and protects what he owns (well what he thinks is his). Has had a rough childhood and has been on the streets for most of his life. The most important thing to him is his baby brother Joe (Joey). Very stubborn and always gets his own way and when he doesn’t the walls will be splattered with warm blood. 

Joe Darley is Billy Darley’s little brother who has just been initiated into the gang by killing a certain Brendan Hume. Is good friends with Ruby Rose, he is very protective of her and thinks of her as a little sister. Thinks very highly of her and even though she works for the state and is VERY rich he doesn’t judge her because he knows that she would never betray him and his family. He is a happy go lucky guy even though he hasn’t had the best life and he’s the most considerate and kind one among the gang.    

Kimberly Luve O’Conner is one hell of a tattoo artist, her specialty is portraits and black and grey even though she enjoys doing any kind of tattoo. She’s tough and one of the guys, she only has one female friend, Ruby, who she would give her life for. She’s protective over Ruby, hates whores, men that go with whores, womanizing asswholes, druggies and gangster bastards that don’t give a shit about shooting a couple of people. Oh and don’t call her Kimberly, it’s .KIM.

 The Gang
From left to right :
Spink, Heco, Bodie, Billy, Dog, Jamie, Baggy

Tommy – is the one with the tattoo on his face

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